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Loan Management

Right from application to repayment, the entire process has been reduced to a few clicks.

Timely Reports

Fretting over report generation at the end of the month is now a thing of the past. Get highly cutomizable reports any time from any where using our robust reporting tools.!

Multiple Payment Channels

Our platform is integrated with multiple payment channels such as YouRemit,SASULAetc, which platforms are interlinked to various payment channels from the banks

Customer Reference Bureau

Our CRB minimizes risks associated with loans by giving you real time insights of borrower behaviours.

Chart of Accounts

A highly customisable chart of accounts is at your disposal. We have codified the best accounting practices to relieve you of the burden of memorizing them.

Shares Management

Vantage gives you an advantage in the management of your shares and dividends. With business rules defined by yourself and enforced by us, you will find this a joy to interact with.

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